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KPIs for the masses

More from Vincent Kermorgant (Forum Nokia) on how his analogy about cars can apply to business units. How refreshing to see someone from a business, not a vendor, not a consultant, but an end user of web analytics say things

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Why KPIs can not come from the bottom up. Management should always participate to the KPI creation

Vincent Kermorgant who works for Forum Nokia and I recently had some conversations about KPI’s…. As you do :). He came up with a great analogy to describe what a big business needs to do to build KPI’s which we’re

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Satama strengthens its position in web analytics and search engine expertise by acquiring Aboavista Oy

Great news, we’ve been bought! The Conversion Chronicles, The Blackbeak Blog and the entire ship are now owned by Satama Interactive. Satama provides expert consultancy on digital services. Satama is a listed (OMX Helsinki: SAI1V), profitable and growing company with

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Unique Or Not Unique, That Be The Question!

Don’t you just love an argument? We often throw paper cups at each other and argue about the finer points of online business. What am I talking about? Well this post by Matt Belkin of Omniture suggests that “visit” should

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E-commerce Benchmarks 2006

Marketing Sherpa just released an interesting summary of an in depth E-Commerce benchmark guide for free. I’ve yet to review the full report, but it looks good. The folks at Sherpa have done studies on Apple, Amazon, Best buy, Bombay,

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If we plan, then we can effectively measure; and if we measure, we can effectively improve.

I just read the latest Clickz article from Bryan Eisenberg and the headline I used came from a previous column quoting John Quarto-vonTivadar (a real pirate name!) . Look at the headline again. If we plan we can effectively measure;

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Bounce Rate Or Single Page Access Industry Averages

This question was asked in Web Analytics Demystified forum. I answered there, but also here so you get the benefit of the booty! What is bounce rate? A bounce rate or single page access is where someone arrives at your

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Using Web Analytics To Determine Branding KPI’s

Once again, the guys at ZAAZ this time Jason Burby has come up with another useful article, this time regards using web analytics to determine branding KPI’s. It’s particularly pertinent for me right now, because I am working with a

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Visualising the non-linear conversion process

In my last post I discussed a debate that has been going on in Web Analytics Demystifieds forum. I think Neil Mason has touched on an important point in his post, one which is reflected in later posts. “Visitor and

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Markov Chains And Web Analytics

There has been some discussion in Web Analytics Demystified around the article that Shane Atchison from ZAAZ wrote describing a method called the hub and spoke method, designed to measure or at least attempt to measure non linear conversion processes.

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