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The Mobile Challenge – I Don’t Think You’re Ready Yet

At the end of this post I have a challenge or a free offer for you. If you don’t agree with the next statement I’d love to hear from you either directly or in the comments section. You Most Likely

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We still suck at eCommerce in the second decade of the 21st century

According to TNS Gallup over €1bn in sales from Finns went abroad in 2012, somewhere around 15% of the entire 9.65bn euros Finnish people spent online. I don’t think this is a Finnish problem I think the same is happening

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Don’t Hire Ball-less, Soul-less, Spiritless Idiots To Do Digital Marketing

There is nothing worse than working with lazy, bone idle, irresponsible, careless and downright expensive people. As Bill Hicks would say “Ball-less, soulless, spiritless corporate fucking puppets, suckers of Satan’s cock each and every one of them.” I should probably

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Measuring the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – How to get started with Analytics

I’m often asked where do you start with Analytics? How do you go about doing it? The simplest answer to that question is start with your customers needs and work back from there. To illustrate lets take a simple example

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Measuring the value of Intangibles

At our company, we have a lofty ambition. Actually it’s what I call our BHAG our Big Hairy Audacious Goal coined by Jim Collins in his excellent books Good to great and Built to Last. We want to earn our

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The Point Of Prism

A while back I asked via my twitter feed what people thought about the Prism issue. Here is a link to the video of Eric Snowden breaking his silence if you want to understand what all the fuss is about. I

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Big Data – What’s the fuss about?

Over the past couple of years we’ve been hearing about big data. Discussions have emerged online about pigs and hives and new jobs have appeared called “pig architects” which is an excellent job title by the way – imagine meeting

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Google SEO +1

So I read an article earlier that caught my attention. In summary it says any URL that a Google+ user or searcher says is worth a +1 click is captured by Google. I see why for public pages you want

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The 12 days of Christmas – Measure Style!

On the 1st day of xmas my true love said to me we defined what we wanted to see. One the 2nd day of xmas my true love said to me we set up our metrics and defined what we

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Will The New EU Privacy Laws Stop the Web from Being free?

Just a thought really. Having some discussions with some smart people at the eMetrics summit and it seems the UK are going slap £50K fines on companies that don’t follow the new rules laid down by the ICO (based on

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