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Don’t Hire Ball-less, Soul-less, Spiritless Idiots To Do Digital Marketing

There is nothing worse than working with lazy, bone idle, irresponsible, careless and downright expensive people. As Bill Hicks would say “Ball-less, soulless, spiritless corporate fucking puppets, suckers of Satan’s cock each and every one of them.” I should probably

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E-commerce Benchmarks 2006

Marketing Sherpa just released an interesting summary of an in depth E-Commerce benchmark guide for free. I’ve yet to review the full report, but it looks good. The folks at Sherpa have done studies on Apple, Amazon, Best buy, Bombay,

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Improving The Automotive Industry Lead Generation Conversion Rates

This Jupiter research report might be useful to those of you who are in the automotive industry. The industry needs to find ways to get more leads from the consumer as Jupiter report that only 1 in 5 actually make

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