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Digital Marketing Parasites

Recently in my sales work with clients and prospects I have heard some very disturbing trends which has prompted this blog post. The most recent shocking meeting I had was this Monday but prior to that I also heard of

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What Smart Advertisers Will Do In The Recession

The recession is a phenomena that all the corporations have jumped on particularly in the online marketing space to serve their own agendas. Controversial? Well, all I am saying is be careful when the big ad agency tells you that

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The Cult Of Analytics

I have finally finished the second edition of my book! This is just a quick note to let the readers whom have been asking me for ages when it would be done that it is finally done. Sorry it’s taken

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Microsoft to buy Fast?

This could be Microsofts smartest move of the year and it’s only 8 days old. FAST is one of the companies which develops enterprise search engine software. The benefit is that publishing sites for instance can monetize their sites without

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Local Search Engine Marketing – Being found in your own backyard

Local Search is a type of search that displays Web results based on keyword queries relative to geographic locations. This is a broad type of search result that is not restricted to the traditional Search Engine or Portal. This Search

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New Search (PPC) Benchmark Guide From Marketing Sherpa – Case Study

According to MarketingSherpa’s new Search Benchmark Guide, consumer marketers have dramatically slowed their PPC keyword growth over the past 12 months. However, B-to-B marketers are going in the opposite direction. Should you be? Here’s a Case Study of a real-life

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Google Offers Cost Per Action Adwords

It seems our friends at Google are running beta testing on adverts working on a cost per action basis rather than cost per click. The seeking alpha network reported this on June 21st and it appears to be a step

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Google Analytics Adwords Analysis

Just found this article today and thought I best post it. It describes a useful new feature I’ve been meaning to tell you all about myself available in Google Analytics. As ROIRevolution says; AdWords Analysis report. Impressions, Cost, Clicks, CTR…

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Optimizing Adwords ROI With Google Analytics

A good article written by The Google Conversion University writer Alden DeSoto. Basically it outlines how to tie in your adword campaigns with Google analytics get the best results. By doing this you can instantly see the money you’re spending

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PPC Conversion Index… Arr!

The Paid Search Conversion Index, powered by Did-it, measures the rate at which consumers convert into customers from pay-per-click listings across major search engines, their syndication partners, second-tier search engines, directories, and portals. Across the media/entertainment, financial services, travel, online

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