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What Smart Advertisers Will Do In The Recession

The recession is a phenomena that all the corporations have jumped on particularly in the online marketing space to serve their own agendas. Controversial? Well, all I am saying is be careful when the big ad agency tells you that

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The Cult Of Analytics

I have finally finished the second edition of my book! This is just a quick note to let the readers whom have been asking me for ages when it would be done that it is finally done. Sorry it’s taken

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IMC 2007 on creating outstanding content

There was a lot of good discussion around the main topic of the IMC, creating outstanding content. At first semantics got in the way (why do people ask questions like define outstanding?) but once the panelists got down to it

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Interesting usability research

Bryan Eisenberg pointed out some research on his blog yesterday that I found interesting. It’s a quick survey designed around usability issues with your results then compared to the 20 thousand plus other survey attendees. There were only two items

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Warming Up A Problem On Your Website

This is a nice little reminder that technology can be used to help make you feel comfortable. Flickr servers went down for a very short time when I was trawling their sites for information to serve up to you guys.

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