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When Communication Evolves We Can’t Stop Talking About It!

I was recently posed the question;Â Are Social Technologies Taking over our lives and what are the new rules of etiquette? As they say in Thailand; Same! Same! but different. I don’t think it’s taking over our lives as such

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Don’t Get Sentimental About Tools When Measuring Attitude

Recently at the SES London Jim Sterne discussed the hot topic of his new book Social Media Metrics. One of the things that stood out from his keynote was Sentiment measurement, or rather the inaccuracy of it. Jim basically said

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Social proof

I was discussing social selling the other day with a client and this is something I think many businesses overlook when they think about their marketing strategies. There is nothing better in my opinion than having someone unconnected rave about

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What Smart Advertisers Will Do In The Recession

The recession is a phenomena that all the corporations have jumped on particularly in the online marketing space to serve their own agendas. Controversial? Well, all I am saying is be careful when the big ad agency tells you that

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Conversion Question

I was asked the following question recently and I thought it was worth sharing my answer in case anyone found it useful. The question is in italics and my answer follows. Hello Steve, Last year i saw your talk on

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The Cult Of Analytics

I have finally finished the second edition of my book! This is just a quick note to let the readers whom have been asking me for ages when it would be done that it is finally done. Sorry it’s taken

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Digital Chocolate Social Media Campaign

I was very interested to learn that Digital Chocolate a US company with a European base in Helsinki ran a social media campaign in FaceBook. What’s more I was very impressed by the results. With over 37,000 registrations this is

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IMC 2007 on creating outstanding content

There was a lot of good discussion around the main topic of the IMC, creating outstanding content. At first semantics got in the way (why do people ask questions like define outstanding?) but once the panelists got down to it

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Measuring Social Media

At the IMC conference in Stockholm there was a panel of experts discussing how to leverage social media for web success. The discussion surrounded the definition of social media and what the panel thought were success measures online. Matthew Colebourne

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Does Social Media Engage and Activate their audiences?

The question posed by my co-blogger Black Jack Vane (also known as Kalle Heinonen) was an interesting one. Is social media engaing the folk using the services? Take YouTube or FaceBook? Are these good channels to advertise your products and

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