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Using Facebook As A Marketing Tool

FaceBook is taking off like wildfire much like Google did back in the day. I set my account up around six months ago then largely forgot about it, but in the past few weeks friends from all over the world

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More on Social Media measurement

Jeremiah Owyang is the main man on this topic in the US, from October the 1st 2007 he will be the main man for Forrester Research, which I’m sure you have all heard of. He started this list of social

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Measuring Social Media with Web Analytics Tools

Questions I’ve had about the measurement of the effects of social media on your website like blogs, frappr, flickr, myspace, facebook, LinkedIn, 2nd Life and a bunch of other Web 2.0 stuff has got me thinking recently. My first question

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Web Analytics in the web 2.0 world? What implications for Web 3.0?

E-Consultancy’s Richard Maven recently interviewed Bryan Eisenberg about why people buy online. Bryan touched on a number of great points about stuff I see every day with clients this side of the water. We don’t do persuasion architecture as defined

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Spock – and we ain’t talking Star trek.

Chris Sherman is a bit of a name in the US search industry as you all probably know. I got invited to The Spock Network by him which seems interesting. It looks like a search engine specifically designed for looking

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How to Help Your Loyal Visitors Search – and Learn More About Them

Yet another Web 2.0 phenomenon is silently happening: the open source search plugins. You know the nifty search box on the top right hand corner of your Mozilla Firefox? It’s another great example how the user-generated DIY services are changing

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