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Google Analytics releases lots of new features including advanced segmentation

I’m going to share an email I sent to the Google Analytics team when they sent us an email last month that they had changed the interface and asking us to beta test the new features. However they only told

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Yahoo! Web Analytics Launches 9th October

In one of the most widely anticipated moves in the web analytics industry, Yahoo! will finally launch their web analytics service named Yahoo! Web Analytics at 9AM PST on the 9th October. When Dennis Mortensen first told me that Yahoo!

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One Tag To Rule Them All

I attended the eMetrics in Stockholm on the 23rd-24th of September and in a panel René Dechamps Otamendi of OX2 was asked what his wishlist for web analytics vendors would be. His answer was that he would like to have

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Kalle Heinonen joins Omniture

Omniture sealed the services of Kalle Heinonen last week. I know Kalle well and knew most of the offers he was mulling over since he left Trainers House back in May. He was always going to remain in the Analytics

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Web Analytics and Visitor Engagement… Again!

After a few months of quiet the engagement debate came back around. I wondered when it would happen. I commented primarily on Erics blog to find out about a tool that sounds interesting, but then Omniture’s Matt Belkin also wrote

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Drawing on A/B testing experiences

An old friend of mine Sean D’Souza was in Chicago recently watching Tom Leung (Google Website optimizer team) do a presentation about the benefits of website optimizer. Tom thought that Sean had some Chutzpah when he offered to show him

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AVG causes fake traffic – Could spell big problems for Web Analytics

The Register in the UK reports that a new AVG function in its latest release mimicks a visitor so well that it’s very difficult to spot. The idea is that people with AVG’s LinkScanner employed goes through the first ten

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Web Analytics Championship

On Sunday, the Marketing Committee of the Web Analytics Association launched the Web Analytics Championship. This is an effort to bring new people into the WAA, to have some fun with current members and to help the WAA understand customer

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Web Analytics Wednesday in Bora Bora

As reported on Eric Peterson’s blog a few days ago we will be going to Bora Bora for our Honeymoon. Basically I don’t expect anyone to be able to make it, but I am hosting a web analytics wednesday here:

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European Web Analytics Association

Eric Peterson calls for a European sister organisation of the WAA citing what he calls “the inevitable conclusion that Europe is about to really take off in terms of the adoption and use of web analytics” as his underlying belief

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