The Cult Of Analytics – 2nd Edition

cult2Data Analytics for Marketing

ISBN: 978-1-1-38-83799-7 (paperback)

Cult of Analytics enables professionals to build an analytics driven culture into their business or organisation. Marketers will learn how to turn tried and tested tactics into an actionable plan to change their culture to one that uses web analytics on a day-to-day basis.

Through use of the fictitious ACME plc case, Steve Jackson provides working examples based on real life situations from the various companies he has worked with, such as Nokia, KONE, Rovio, Amazon, Expert, IKEA,Vodafone and EMC.


“Steve covers analytics on a variety of levels  from corporate adoption of analytics down into the depths of key performance indicators providing clear explanations throughout. I have always known that Steve is one of the best and brightest in our industry, Cult of Analytics will clarify that for the rest of the world.”–Eric T Peterson, founder of Web Analytics Wednesday and principal consultant at Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.

“Steve has spent years down in the weeds, talking to executives and meditating on a mountain. That unique perspective is the main reason Cult of Analytics is such a unique book.”–Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist for Google

“Steve hands you the keys to the process of becoming an analytics driven company and shows you how to implement a Cult of Analytics in your organization.”–Jim Sterne, Producer, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and Chairman, Web Analytics Association

These examples will give the reader practical techniques for their own business regardless of size or situation making  Cult of Analytics a must-have for any would be digital marketer.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated, now including examples out of how to get the best from Google analytics, as well as ways to use social media data, big data, tag management and advanced persona segmentation to drive real value in your organisation. It’s also been expanded to include exercises and new cases for students and tutors using the book as a text.

“A great read! I wish I had read this 3 years ago€“ it would have saved me a lot of time (and pain) at Google!”–Brian Clifton, Senior Strategist, Omega Digital Media, former head of web analytics at Google EMEA.

“Steve Jackson draws on years of experience to show how to improve results from digital channels without being overly technical” – Dave Chaffey, author and consultant at Marketing Insights.

“The long awaited classic. Much needed and wanted. Cult of Analytics will become a reference book for people working with web analytics and online marketing optimisation.”–Kalle Heinonen, CEO at SuperAnalytics.

You can buy direct from Routledge and other selected bookstores. Prices vary – I am just the author! I have no control over the prices, Routledge set the price and sell the books to other distribution channels so I cannot guarantee you might not find it cheaper elsewhere. Have a look around!

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I hope you enjoy.

One comment on “The Cult Of Analytics – 2nd Edition
  1. Steven Memel says:

    Hi Steve. Just got turned on to you by Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics. He raves about you on his blog resources. And since Sean is such an astute marketer, of course I had to come subscribe to your newsletter and get your book.

    Analytics is a place I am extremely weak in coming from an arts background. However weakness is not an excuse for complacency since, as you know, when we put our minds to it, we can learn ANYTHING! :-)

    Look forward to growing my “analytics muscles!”


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  2. […] – it is very simple and flexible, it has been more than a source of inspiration for me. Steve Jackson’s “Cult of Analytics” book also details a methodology to develop […]

  3. […] – it is very simple and flexible, it has been more than a source of inspiration for me. Steve Jackson’s “Cult of Analytics” book also details a methodology to develop […]

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