The Sucking Manifesto

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have news that I am personally quite excited about. I’m embarking on writing my second book though this time it’s slightly different to my first book Cult of Analytics. This one

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The Cookie Farce!

Like marketers in the UK don’t have enough problems the ICO (Internet Comissioners Office) the regulatory body in Britain for all things to do with online privacy made it even harder back in May. On May 25th 2011 the ICO

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There is no right answer there are only choices

The fact is that all your choices are based on data. When I say all I mean all choices. The data sources are varied. You have sensory data. What you personally can see, hear, smell, touch and taste form probably

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The Dirty Dozen – Don’t Do Analytics…

1) If you haven’t set good goals and objectives first. (If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there). 2) If you intend to simply use tools to report without taking action. (All analytics should result

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If you want to learn how to optimize your business just do analytics

I was asked advice by someone a lot younger than me, something, that is by the way, becoming more and more common as I get older… I think there may be some kind of correlation. But I digress :). Yes,

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Alienating the privacy pundits

In the last year or two I’ve noticed mainstream journalists and commentators taking a stance on consumer privacy on the Internet. There are 3 main instigators behind the majority of these articles. Fear, Doubt & Uncertainty. Fear “Technology has rendered

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Is it wrong to follow your gut feelings?

Not in my opinion. Many in the web analytics and business optimization space will tell you to measure everything, never guess or rely on intuition. In some cases it’s like religion, “Though Shalt Not Guess!”, however I don’t think there

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The HiPPO could be your best friend

I saw a great post at Crepuscular light the other day which is a humorous take on the HiPPO (the Highest Paid Persons’ Opinion) something that we all should avoid at all costs apparently. Certainly the opinions of the HiPPO

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Action from Analytics

Normally I spend ages pondering what I should add to this blog and what I should research or why you might be interested in the inane ramblings of some dude in Helsinki who thinks he knows one or two things

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When Communication Evolves We Can’t Stop Talking About It!

I was recently posed the question;Â Are Social Technologies Taking over our lives and what are the new rules of etiquette? As they say in Thailand; Same! Same! but different. I don’t think it’s taking over our lives as such

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