Competitive Intelligence versus Competitor Intelligence

One of the key concepts in my book (you can get the 1st 3 chapters for free here) focuses on what I call the Insight model. The promise of this model is to help you find insights you can act

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Blog Partner For eMetrics Stockholm

I’ve just become a blog partner for the eMetrics Stockholm event on the 28th and 29th September. I will be helping with hosting the 1st day and sitting on a panel on the second. I hope to see you there.

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A Thought About Where Analytics is Going

All the discussion at the moment seems to be around where Analytics is headed. Omniture’s acquisition, followed by CoreMetrics and all the associated buzz led me into some interesting debates lately. Stephane Hamel whom I met for the first time

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WAA Knowledge Test, A Call to Arms

So I was critical and to be fair the WAA listened at the emetrics summit in London. Specifically thanks go out to Jim Sterne, Aurelie Pols, Stephane Hamel, Vicky Brock and Jim Novo whom aired their points and we eventually

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My WAA wishlist

I started this post as another answer to Jim Novo in this long and interesting discussion around how I am disappointed by the WAA and its certification program. The debate centered on the value of proctoring the exams, the price

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Once Again I Am Disappointed by The WAA

People accuse me rightly or wrongly for not doing enough to help the WAA despite my involvement for the last 5 years (see the first comment). I have continued to help where I can and even recently applied for a

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Don’t Get Sentimental About Tools When Measuring Attitude

Recently at the SES London Jim Sterne discussed the hot topic of his new book Social Media Metrics. One of the things that stood out from his keynote was Sentiment measurement, or rather the inaccuracy of it. Jim basically said

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Olympic Bronze For Kwantics’ Little Crab Catcher!

A short break from Analytics today to proudly crow about my colleague Terhi Mertanen (Mertanen means crab catcher in English by the way), who won an Olympic bronze for Finland yesterday by beating Sweden 3-2. We’re all of course delighted

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An open message to the WAA

We’ve all worked or work for global organizations. The way they are run is that usually there is a central set of rules, standards, global controls and global belief and culture passed down to locals who then execute the vision.

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Digital Marketing Parasites

Recently in my sales work with clients and prospects I have heard some very disturbing trends which has prompted this blog post. The most recent shocking meeting I had was this Monday but prior to that I also heard of

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