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It came to my attention that our friends over at GrokDotCom are putting together a list of Web Analytics Blogs. I haven’t commented on the discussion started by Avinash around what constitutes the best web analytics blogs because like Eric Peterson I feel Avinash’s methodology doesn’t take into account a number of factors wholly unattributed to his methodology. Like for instance as Bryan didn’t mention in his post that the Grok has been posting stuff about web analytics before Avinash Kaushik ever came to prominence in the field. As well as a bunch of others some of the Conversion Chronicles web analytics articles date back as far as 2003 whilst Eric Peterson and before him Jim Sterne, practically invented the terms!

However, that said, the list that we have included in our blogroll is quite extensive and one of our readers asked if we could mention a few favorites. And yes, Avinash is one of my favorites too. I am not knocking the initiative of Avinash in developing the methodology or the list, indeed the debate around the list has probably gone some way to raising awareness which as a co-chair on the International comittee of the WAA I am happy to see.

So to my favorites and why;

  1. Eric Peterson > The man was one of the first in the web analytics industry to talk sense in a language businesses understand and has preached web analytics for years in countless high profile events
  2. Occams razor – Avinash Kaushik > Surely one of the brightest rising stars in the field, very active in promoting the business and technically very savvy.
  3. GrokDotCom > Because the Grok doesn’t cover web analytics alone, it shows how by combining web analytics with marketing and persuasive techniques you can improve your conversion rates.
  4. Lars Johansson > Because he is the most active in the Nordic region, is a truly independent voice working for a company that are in the energy business and his passion for the field is unmatched.

So there you have it. My top 4.

Steve is a well known analytics specialist, author and speaker. A pioneer since 2002, he established one of the first European web analytics consultancies (Aboavista), later acquired by Satama (now Trainers’ House) in 2006. In 2008 he wrote his first book Cult Of Analytics published on May 14th 2009. He currently serves as CEO at Quru and has presented and keynoted web analytics topics across Europe. These include The Internet Marketing Conference (Stockholm), The Search Engine strategies (Stockholm), IIH (Copenhagen), the IAB Finland (Helsinki), Media Plaza (Amsterdam), Design For Conversion (Amsterdam) The eMetrics Summit (London, Munich, Stockholm), Divia (Helsinki) in addition to sitting on dozens of panels.

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4 comments on “Web Analytics Blogs and Bloggers
  1. TheGrok says:


    Thank you for the kind words. I am glad to see you more actively blogging.

  2. dennis.mortensen says:

    yes… what happened Steve? :-)
    I was this close to mutiny (a.k.a. un-subscribe) …

    Cheers mate and see you in Stockholm..

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools

  3. Hi Dennis,

    At the risk of further mutiny and people jumping ship, I’ll give you the reason why I didn’t put yours and in particular a few other perfectly good blogs down in my favorite list.

    Vendor Bias. :)

    My BlogRoll includes all the vendor sites including yours, but my top four are the way they are because the writers have no hidden agenda when blogging about web analytics. Their opinions about the tools are unbiased. Vendor blog sites, tend to be in my opinion more biased toward their own tools. Sorry and all that, but it’s true. Not saying that there is anything wrong with you discussing your own tool on your own blog, I just don’t want to influence anyone into thinking that I endorse any one tool.

  4. Sorry Dennis I misinterpreted the question. I decided to leave the previous comment I made because it further explains my position.

    However the reason we stopped blogging for a while was down to too much work. My and my shipmates had too much work to do since we were acquired for the past year, especially me who had a lot of training to do. But now we’re past the stormy waters and it’s a little calmer we can start this up again and lets just say there are plans.

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