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We still suck at eCommerce in the second decade of the 21st century

According to TNS Gallup over €1bn in sales from Finns went abroad in 2012, somewhere around 15% of the entire 9.65bn euros Finnish people spent online. I don’t think this is a Finnish problem I think the same is happening

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Measuring the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – How to get started with Analytics

I’m often asked where do you start with Analytics? How do you go about doing it? The simplest answer to that question is start with your customers needs and work back from there. To illustrate lets take a simple example

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There is no right answer there are only choices

The fact is that all your choices are based on data. When I say all I mean all choices. The data sources are varied. You have sensory data. What you personally can see, hear, smell, touch and taste form probably

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What Smart Advertisers Will Do In The Recession

The recession is a phenomena that all the corporations have jumped on particularly in the online marketing space to serve their own agendas. Controversial? Well, all I am saying is be careful when the big ad agency tells you that

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Conversion Question

I was asked the following question recently and I thought it was worth sharing my answer in case anyone found it useful. The question is in italics and my answer follows. Hello Steve, Last year i saw your talk on

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The Cult Of Analytics

I have finally finished the second edition of my book! This is just a quick note to let the readers whom have been asking me for ages when it would be done that it is finally done. Sorry it’s taken

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Design For Conversion In Amsterdam

On Friday 19th September I will be a keynote speaker at the Design For Conversion conference in Amsterdam. Ton Wesseling A dutch Internet Marketing Consultant and Managing Partner of Orange Valley interviewed me for the dutch marketing optimization blog WebAnalisten.

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Using Facebook As A Marketing Tool

FaceBook is taking off like wildfire much like Google did back in the day. I set my account up around six months ago then largely forgot about it, but in the past few weeks friends from all over the world

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Google Offers Cost Per Action Adwords

It seems our friends at Google are running beta testing on adverts working on a cost per action basis rather than cost per click. The seeking alpha network reported this on June 21st and it appears to be a step

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Waiting for your cat to bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing

I met Bryan Eisenberg the first time back in August 2005 when we went to Austin Texas to learn more about Persuasion Architecture. I met him again in May this year at the eMetrics summit in London and he kindly

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