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The Mobile Challenge – I Don’t Think You’re Ready Yet

At the end of this post I have a challenge or a free offer for you. If you don’t agree with the next statement I’d love to hear from you either directly or in the comments section. You Most Likely

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What Smart Advertisers Will Do In The Recession

The recession is a phenomena that all the corporations have jumped on particularly in the online marketing space to serve their own agendas. Controversial? Well, all I am saying is be careful when the big ad agency tells you that

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Mobile Analytics and Multi-channel Measurement

June Dershewitz asked me months ago to write this article but because of my book I never had the time. Now that it’s finished and with the publishers I can get back to normal. The case was really interesting because

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IMC 2007 on creating outstanding content

There was a lot of good discussion around the main topic of the IMC, creating outstanding content. At first semantics got in the way (why do people ask questions like define outstanding?) but once the panelists got down to it

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Why Mobile Search Is Going To Be Irrelevant In B2B Marketing

I’ve read many articles and heard lots of comments which point out the reasons that mobile marketing (particularly search marketing) will explode. However this article from, raises an interesting point about B2B marketing on mobile and why it’s not

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Mobile advertising guidelines for Europe published

The MMA last week released the new mobile Advertising guidelines for Europe, middle east and Africa. Please see attached the pdf. The pdf has info on: Design Banner dimensions Technical requirements for mobile advertisers And a little more of other

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