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The Point Of Prism

A while back I asked via my twitter feed what people thought about the Prism issue. Here is a link to the video of Eric Snowden breaking his silence if you want to understand what all the fuss is about. I

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EU Commision response about Phorm

The following EU Commission letter is a response to my email which directed them to this post regarding the Phorm system which may be trialled by the UK internet service provider BT. The letter basically says that it’s not their

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AVG causes fake traffic – Could spell big problems for Web Analytics

The Register in the UK reports that a new AVG function in its latest release mimicks a visitor so well that it’s very difficult to spot. The idea is that people with AVG’s LinkScanner employed goes through the first ten

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BT shows bad phorm in its bid to improve behavioral ad targeting

In my previous post about this subject I went down the precarious route of agreeing with the UK Home Office and the ICO who can’t seem to be able to make up their mind whether Phorm is an illegal invasion

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Is this bad phorm? Privacy concerns around BT

Recently I noticed a number of articles about Phorm some which condemn it some which simply report on the current debate around the idea and some which call for BT to be prosectuted. My opinion is that BT have made

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Does an IP address identify the individual?

This article from associated press and this one from infotech discuss an argument in Brussels where MEP’s argued with Google that IP addresses could be personally identifiable information which of course leads to privacy concerns. I personally have been able

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