blackbeak.gifWhy the name blackbeak.com?

Why Captain Blackbeak? The answer is simple. Branding. I wanted to build an idea, a brand that would be remembered by the readers of this blog. The chances that you’d remember a guy called Steve Jackson after the first time you ever read one of my posts is slim. Even if you did there are a shit load of Steve Jackson’s on Google so while I do appear on the 2nd page of results Google is dominated by other more famous Steve Jacksons! However you might remember reading about analytics from a guy pretending to be a parrot, not only that but a pirate parrot. You might remember the name “Captain BlackBeak” which is a play on the famous pirate Captain BlackBeard.

So yes, I did this on purpose and it’s been quite successful.

My real BIO is below for those of you who prefer to read about the man behind the pirate.

Steve Jackson

Steve is an analyst and entrepreneur having founded 3 companies since 1997. The first was wound down when he left the UK for Finland in 2002. The second was acquired by Satama interactive PLC in 2006 and he serves as CEO for Quru which he co-founded in 2009.

He has written 2 books, The Cult of Analytics 2nd Edition (released December 2015) and The Sucking Manifesto.

He’s also been a regular speaker at events like eMetrics, Search Engine Strategies, Internet Marketing conference and Divia in Finland. He was awarded an honour of recognition by the Digital Analytics Association in 2009 for his work in developing analytics in the Nordic markets where he served as a Chairman for the region.

In his spare time he can often be found biking, boxing, fishing, sampling good malt whiskeys or pulling his hair out watching SAFC.

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